Using Ansible

Deploy mCaptcha software using Ansible playbooks

Ansible playbooks to install mCaptcha are available here.



  1. Clone the repository:
1git clone && cd iac
  1. Create inventory file. You should have SSH access to the remote machine, and the user must have sudo privileges. Example inventory file:

    3<node name> ansible_host=<node IP> ansible_user=<remote username>

    It is important that the group name be mcaptcha_hosts.

  2. Configure installation by editing ansible/vars/mcaptcha/vars.yml. Most parameters have defaults, and the required parameters are annotated.

  3. Run playbook:

1	ansible-playbook -i path/to/inventory-file -f 10 ./ansible/mcaptcha.yml


  1. Pull changes from Git repository
  2. Rerun playbook

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