mCaptcha is a kickass CAPTCHA systems that gives (DDoS) attackers a run for their money. And we do all of this without tracking your users. Oh and did I mention our UX is great?

At mCaptcha, we believe in digital freedom and privacy and so we built a proof-of-work based CAPTCHA system that doesn’t track. Seriously, no tracking. But that isn’t the killer feature, our system doesn’t require the user to pick cars or ID sidewalks — our system does it’s thing(usually at the click of a button) and gets out of the way.


Man has has come so far only because our ancestors chose to share their knowledge with others. If everything was labeled intellectual property, we might still be stuck in Stone Age. The idea of intellectual property is alien to us. For this reason, all of our source code is freely available(both as in freedom and beers) at our GitHub.


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